Welcome to the P.G.E Camps!

The Krav Maga training camps will walk you through a variety of fighting environments:

Beach sands, water, forests, confined spaces and even at night-time which enhance low light fighting condition abilities.

And all of that of course, will take place in the land of Israel!

We are waiting for you!

xpert level camp is definitely suitable for the highest ranking Krav Maga students, starting level E1 and above. 

This camp is also suitable for G5 level students who plan on taking their E1 test during the summer or those who want to get some more serious training.

The KMG Camps are divided into 3 different categories, as follows:

One summer, all levels.


June 04-26, 2017


raduate level camp is suitable for students in the P1-G5 levels. Also, it is suitable for Expert levels who plan on taking tests or just wish to get better with their capacities and knowledge.


ractitioner level camp, is the first camp in the summer. 

This camp is for any practitioner level, even if you have never practiced before. 

Moreover, we also have G level participants aligning up with a quick review about their skills right before they start their “G camp”. Sometimes, we even have expert levels joining in to stimulate their skills a little bit! 

P.G.E Camps Background

Camps in Israel | KMG

The World-renowned KMG Practitioner, Graduate and Expert Krav Maga Camps in Israel will take place in Haifa. The camps are an exclusive training event for P, G, and E-level students, certified Krav Maga Global Instructors and for anyone who wants to train Krav Maga (P Level).

The KMG camps in Israel give you the opportunity to spend an extended period of time training intensively under the watchful eye of KMG head Instructor Eyal Yanilov and his global team. The Krav Maga Global Practitioner, Graduate and Expert Camps attract nearly 300 people from the 60+ countries that Krav Maga Global serves today – bringing together Krav Maga Practitioners, Graduate and Expert Level trainees for a worthwhile and educational experience!

P.G.E Facts:

  • The Krav Maga summer camps are conducted in Israel throughout a whole month, where trainees from all over the world join together for training with the top KMG instructors.
  • About 300 students and instructors join the camps in Israel each year for training, laughing and having an amazing time – Together!
  • More than 50% of the participants return to the camps year after year, and the experience is getting even better!
  • The camps in Israel are considered as the main annual event of KMG. Hence, we will keep on delivering the highest standards and even improve this amazing experience every year over and over again!

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